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Centrifugation finds many applications in the processing of metals, which, with time, has generated real autonomous processes, as well as absolutely indispensable in relation to the reduction of waste and the consequent reduction of pollution. Just the synergy generated by the reduction of waste (you save on the cost of the product, the costs of pollution and energy costs) allows the recovery of the investment in no time. In many cases within the first year after purchase.


Altre macchine di nostra produzione DISCUTI IL TUO PROGETTO CON NOI
  • Small metal in general: de-oiling and drying.
  • Small metal cold pressed: de-oiling after molding.
  • Micromechanics: oiling before washing and drying after washing.
  • Heat treatment: degreasing after immersion in oil of small metal parts.
  • Prewash: degreasing of machined parts with neat oil to reduce the pollution load.
  • Post - Cold wash: to dry the pieces.
  • Post-oiling: to remove excess oil.
  • Post-waxing: To remove excess wax

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